10 Travel Tips

  1. Always respect the country you are in and the culture. It’ s always a good idea to read up on the country’s customs before you end up saying or doing the wrong thing.
  2. Beat up you backpacks. This might sound stupid but would be thieves are more likely to avoid a backpack that’s looks like its been around the world a few times, so do some stress work on the pack.
  3. Dental floss and a needle: This is seriously the best thing to you backpack with. It’s really strong and multi-purpose =D
  4. Before leaving check immigration/customs of the country your going to. Sometimes there will be hidden visas charges or departure fees. Also depending on how long you are in country will depend on how much money you need to have on you!!!
  5. Where ever you go it can get cold (yes even in the hot places) so keeping warm is a must. I would always take layers rather than a huge coat, this way you can layer up depending on how cold it is and can also save on packing space.
  6. Contacting home is a must for most – even for the seasoned travellers. I would set up a Skype account rather than use a mobile (way beyond cheaper) or other forms of internet calls. This is cheaper and also you can see all those lovely faces left at home.
  7. One of the most important things for most people is a camera. I nearly had a heart attack more than once when I though I had lost my camera. You need it to capture all those wonderful memories.
  8. Headphones and earplugs!!!!! I don’t know about anyone else but when it early in the morning or I was half way though a long journey I did not want to be talking to people. Headphones are a godsend, even if they werent attached to anything,  it keeps the talkers at bay.  Now at first I didn’t have earplugs and God I wish I had. Not only does it keep out the noise of the local clubs and others snores, it helps when the couple in the next bunk decided to have some ‘fun’ – trust me, you will be grateful for them!!!
  9. Delays build though out the day, with five minuets here and there. So getting on the first flight of the day can have its bonuses as the plane is just sitting there over night just waiting to go. No delays.
  10. Don’t take white clothes if your going somewhere hot and dusty. They wont stay white for long!!!!
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