5 Travel Essentials

Going travelling can be a daunting prospect for anyone but especially for the first timer. You never really know what you are going to need or how much to take. The first, fundamental fact you need to consider is that, if you are going to be on the road while living out of a backpack, its impractical to take everything but the kitchen sink!!!! You will just end up taking things you do not need and will get rid of most things as they just become more and more cumbersome.

What you need to take can vary depending one where your travels take you but here are some top essentials that i cannot live without!!!!!!!

1) First and for most a first aid kit. Just having a few bandages, dressings and plasters can come in handy cuts, scraps and those pesky blisters. In some areas, where medical facilities may be lacking, i can be wise to carry a needle or two. Just in case you find you self in a situation and you are questioning the cleanliness of the equipment. Also don’t forget the water treatment tablets/drops!!!!

2)Padlocks….Depending on where you are in the world will depend on the level of crime/pick pocketing. But even in a good area you can never be to careful regarding the safety of your self and of you stuff. Making sure that your back pack is secure with a good quality lock should hopefully help to deter thieves and keep your pack safe. Personally a cable lock is best, it is flexible so can be used on most thing including you pack or a locker in your hostel.

3)The good old travel towel. The saviour of my life!!!! Seriously! no joke. I hate having to pack up wet towel because they have no dried in time. A normal towel is so heavy and take up so much room. Travel towels are lightweight and fold up to almost nothing. They are super absorbent, quick drying and you can get them with a anti-bacterial coating which keeps away odours and mould. A Definite must have!!

4) Dental Floss. No i am not going insane. Dental floss has uses beyond keeping you dentist happy. When your in the middle of nowhere and your pack breaks or you tear a lace on your boots, this is the best for a temporary repair until you can get replacements. Just make sure you have a needle.

5) Mosquito Repellent. Now nearly every country you go to will have some kind of annoying, biting, blood sucking insect. And if you are anything like me and get eaten alive, this stuff is a must. A good repellent will make your trip more enjoyable but will also help prevent the contraction of tropical diseases, some of which can be life threatening. By far the most popular is DEET and this come in different strengths. It doesn’t smell very nice but it does the job.

Happy travels – Steph =D x

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