5 reasons for me to travel

Let’s face it a nomadic lifestyle is not for everyone and thats fine, different life styles for different people. So do some people, like me, like living out of a bag?

1) To Escape from everyday life. To escape the office cubicle, the work phone, problems at home, bad relationships or maybe just escaping from growing up for a while. Travel isn’t something to be used to try and run from your problems but it can be a good healer.

2) learning about other places and about yourself. There are so many cultures out there just waiting to be explored and absorbed Continue reading

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Pike Market – Seattle


Iv heard many things about Pike Market and all of them good. When reviews and word of mouth opinions are that good I get nervous about going to a place. Has it been hiped up? Is it really that good? Am I going to be disappointed? Well so not disappointed and Pike place a complete assault on the senses – the smells the colours the noise and to say it’s huge is an understatement. You can get lost in a maze of while watching the fish throwing and constant trade. Also some mouth watering food – pastry, sweets, seafood, fruits, chocolate, jams and every meat going. So you can buy and make your own meal or you can go to one of the restaurants in the area (my personal favourite being the Pike Brewing Company)


If your in Seattle this is Deffinetly the place to be 🙂 happy travels 

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Repost – airport politeness

Hello peeps!!!!

So i have just got back from an amazing holiday to Orlando Florida with my sister ( something to tick off of the list!!) but more about that later =D.

For now i just want to make a request to all the travelers/holiday makers out there:

Now i know going through airport security can be a pain in the backside and can take forever, when all you want to do is get to your hotel or go home. But please be polite to the security people peeps (yes i know this can sometimes be very hard when they have a face as miserable as sin). The thing is they did not make up the laws or rules they have to enforce, it just happens to be their job and they spend their whole working day being hated by people who seem to forget this. besides if you have a happy face and friendly ‘hello’, then they will generally have one for you.

Also when a plane is delayed (yes this happen to me on the way home) it is not the fault of the people at the boarding desk and is out of their control as much as it is out of yours (a particularly foul mouthed human being decided to forget this fact and the woman at the desk – who seemed like a very seasoned airport worker – was nearly in tears). The workings of an airport is the responsibility of many, not just the people who are the public face of the place and i am a firm believer that politeness can go along way.

slight rant over =D x

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Yes im English but no i don’t drink Tea!

I Know that we all have stereotype of people from other county’s in out heads, its human nature, and don’t sit there saying ‘no i don’t’ because you do.

Now for the non British people out there, what are the stereotypes you think of when thinking of us british? I but one of them involves drinking tea???

Well we don’t all drink TEA!!! Seriously the amount of people who I have met who have offered me tea. Then I have said “No thank you” and they go “why?”, so I say “I dont drink it”. This leads to a completely dumfounded expression that leads to confusion that leads to “But your ENGLISH”

And? Just because your from New York does that mean you drink Coffee and bagels all the time? Now like i said we all have stereotypes, even me. But im going to let you in on a secret ……..Not all British people drink tea!! I know compleat revelation. Ok rant over =D


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Solid Shampoo Bars – Total Genius



There heavy, bulky and have a tendency to explode in your bag – especially when those oh so nice baggage handlers at the airport throw your bag around with a little too much enthusiasm.

Yep I’m talking about pain in the butt toiletries!! Especially Shampoo and conditioner (conditioner being one luxury that i cannot live without!). My absolute (and inexpensive)  life saver comes in the form of solid shampoos/conditioners from Lush Cosmetics.

These amazing little bars are basically homemade using natural ingredients that are kind to the environment. When you buy (either online or in store) Lush use ‘naked packaging’ which means it comes wrapped in paper (Lush likes to keep their impact on the environment to a minimum). So you do have to purchase a little metallic box to keep it in. This is however very handy for keeping the bar clean and not having to worry about drying it out after every use.

The different shampoos are for different hair types, each with its own scent and you use it just like any other shampoo. I note here that i have had no endorsement from Lush cosmetics, I’m just a HUGE fan and the opinions are my own =)

Lush has websites in over 40 countries so take a look – www.lush.com!!!!!!


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